Are you a leaver or a remainer?

We are beyond the leave/remain debate.  I am a democrat.  We are on our way out.

The Libdems campaigned for an in/out referendum, they celebrated when the referendum was called.  When the outcome was a decision to leave they told 17.4m people they’d given the wrong answer and needed to be asked again. Now they are saying they don’t want to ask you again in case you give the “wrong answer” again and they are going to go ahead and revoke Article 50 anyway. 

This is not democratic.

Trying to ignore the referendum and cancel Article 50 will mean we just keep on arguing whilst other important issues in Bath and across the UK don't get the attention they deserve.

The Libdems can not win a majority in Parliament.  They won just 12 seats in the last election and would need to win another 314 to get a majority.  A vote for the libdems will create another hung Parliament with more delay and more confusion - and then years more arguing over what to do about Brexit.

The ongoing obstruction and delay adds yet more uncertainty, which is bad for society, business, jobs and the wider economy.