Keeping Bath’s economy booming

The Bath economy is booming with 4185 VAT or PAYE registered businesses in our city – 650 more compared to 2010. Annabel Tall said, “Since being selected as your Parliamentary Candidate, I have really enjoyed visiting some of the fantastic local businesses that keep Bath’s economy booming. From small start-ups to our major employers such as the RUH, it’s great to see that business is really thriving here in Bath thanks to the economic policies of our Conservative Government.”

Since 2010, the Government has backed business by cutting corporation tax and increasing access to finance.  A growing economy means growing tax receipts, means more money to spend on key public services such as the NHS and our police force. The last Labour Government left us unprepared for the financial crisis and the deficit soared to a post war record. While the Lib Dems simply plan to increase taxes, which will be a disaster for our economy and especially businesses here in our wonderful city. Year on year our economy continues to grow with wages increasing and unemployment at a historic low, providing a solid foundation for Bath and on which to build Britain’s economic future.