Save Our Play Parks

Lib Dem's plan to close 10 play parks across B&NES - I call for them to stay open

Did you know that our Lib Dem council are planning to close 10 play parks across B&NES and 5 in Bath? Who as a child hasn't enjoyed scrambling on climbing frames, meeting friends or just hanging out on the swings? As a lifelong advocate of exercise, fitness and enjoyment of the outdoors and I can hardly believe that this proposal has been put forward.  We are facing an obesity crisis in the country. This is a time where we should be increasing opportunities for children to play outside and exercise, not replacing inviting play equipment with picture postcard park landscapes.  

You could hardly make it up. It seems flowers matter more to Bath's Lib Dems than our children.  The decision to close five children's play parks across the city as a green initiative is laughable, when the Lib Dems are also proposing to spend tens of thousands on an energy-intensive new air-conditioning system for the Victoria Art Gallery.

With nearly a third of children aged 2-15 overweight or obese, tackling childhood obesity requires us all to take action.

Shortly after I learned the news I went to London where I spoke with Jo Churchill MP Parliamentary Under-SoS for Prevention, Public Health and Primary Care in London. She was very surprised by the news as many other councils are prioritising children's health and far from removing play parks, are building more. For example, Conservative run Bexley Council, facing similar council pressures, has increased investment in their 30+ playgrounds and have recently opened one designed specifically with features for children with special needs or disabilities - they are opening another one shortly.

As much as I advocate exercising in a green space, the idea of replacing equipment with plants is wrong.  You would think the clue is the word 'Park'.  Clearly children's play areas in parks already have trees and flowers.  Taking away play equipment which encourages children to play and exercise outdoors is completely wrong.

The children's play areas to be scrapped are:

- Loxton Drive - Twerton

- Parry CLose - Southstoke

- Burnet House Road - Odd Down

- St Saviours Road - Larkhall

- Calton Road – Widcombe

Our Bath Lib Dem council proposal to close 5 children’s play parks is so disappointing.

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