Supporting our NHS

“The NHS is one of the corner stones of our country and something that we must protect. Along with the Conservatives, I firmly believe that NHS treatment should always be open to everyone, free at the point of use and available in the speediest fashion possible.”

“Therefore, I wholeheartedly welcome Boris’s announcement of £1.8bn of new money for our NHS. However, we need to build upon this and ensure that the NHS has all of the money it needs to continue being the world envy of healthcare that it is today.”

“Over the last two months we have been conducted a NHS survey in the city. We are delighted that over 80% of residents reported that they were happy with the provision of care and services at the RUH. However, it was clear from the survey that we must do more to reduce waiting times for GP appointments which is something that I will be championing here in Bath and that Boris is working hard to deliver in Westminster.”

“Personally, I was overwhelmed with the high standard of care given at the RUH in Bath. It was clear that they are working hard to deliver the best quality service to the people of Bath and are doing amazing work around patient care and treatment. I will continue to work with the RUH to ensure that they secure more funding for their services and will look at ways to improve their operation even more”