My Plan

  • Regenerating our High Streets

    Here in Bath, we are so lucky to have such a vibrant and bustling city centre with smaller high streets around the city. Our strong economic plan has ensured that businesses can thrive and create jobs here in Bath.

  • Keeping Bath’s economy booming

    The Bath economy is booming with 4185 VAT or PAYE registered businesses in our city – 650 more compared to 2010. Annabel Tall said, “Since being selected as your Parliamentary Candidate, I have really enjoyed visiting some of the fantastic local businesses that keep Bath’s economy booming.

  • Protecting our city’s heritage

    As a world UNESCO heritage city, we must protect our beautiful attractions and culture for generations to come. Not only is this crucial for our residents but tourists come from all over the world to see the history that Bath has to offer.

  • Supporting our NHS

    “The NHS is one of the corner stones of our country and something that we must protect. Along with the Conservatives, I firmly believe that NHS treatment should always be open to everyone, free at the point of use and available in the speediest fashion possible.”